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Taekwondo is the Korean art of kicking and punching. “Tae” means foot, leg, step on, “Kwon” means fight, “Do” means discipline. The name Tae Kwon Do was officially adopted for this material art in 1955 by the South Korean general Choi Hong-Hi, the principal founder of Taekwondo.


You’ll never regret by joining the Taekwondo as here is the benefits of this Korean art:
- Improved Muscle Toning & Physically condition, 
- Increased Stamina, Strength, Posture & Balance,
- Greater Flexibility, 
- Incredible Concentration

Taekwondo practice unity of the mind, body, and life. When practicing Taekwondo, we ensure that our mind is at peace and sync with the movements. Remember! Winning a fight is not enough, your enemy can always recover, and fight again. 


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