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Monsieur Husky Café

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This chic café is inside Kemang Dance Center, situated on busy street at Kemang area where you couldn’t ask for a more convenient and accessible location.


The café is inspired by Japanese minimalism interior and exactly where you’d want to enjoy your daily cup of coffee. Monsieur Husky Café is specialized in Cold brew coffee and homemade cookies. When outdoor temperature spike and you need to take a simple break or to do your work, sipping a cold brew is a great way to cool down while getting a caffeine fix.

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This café provide a wide range of cold brew : black, latte and mocha variant.

Beside cold brew, this café also specialized in many variation of homemade and freshly baked cookies. They were the perfect accompaniment to the cold brew! The high-quality butter and chocolate used in the cookies helped to create a good depth of taste and satisfying contrast in flavor to bring out the best of the coffee.


Whether you’re waiting for your child in the dance center or looking for a comfy café while in the neighborhood, Monsieur Husky Café is a great option to keep in mind.




Monsieur Husky Café


Service options:

Dine-in, Takeaway


Jl. Bangka Raya No. 5C, Jakarta Selatan

Opening hour:

Monday – Saturday, 8am – 5pm



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